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At Amber Digital Investments Limited we have a clear mission: To help our clients in achieving their investment objectives at the least risk possible and responsibility to protect the assets they have accumulated and to provide a level of comfort with their investments in the Forex markets.

Providing peace of mind is essential in helping clients make the right decisions, especially when their emotions might persuade them to do otherwise.
Managed Investment Company

Our clients are serious investors. They are not interested in gambling with their money, and would rather deal with a reliable and profitable online investment management company instead of a bank with low interest.

Our cut above the rest automated Forex trading system applies low leverage as well as unique time-proven risk-management techniques which allow our investment company to significantly minimize the risk in Forex trading and generate above average profit.

Technical Analysis

By definition, technical analysis is the forecasting of the future price action of an underlying financial asset based on its past price behaviour. Essentially, technical analysts believe that ‘history repeats itself’ and thus, a price chart is a technical analyst’s best friend. Some of the methods used by technical analysts include tracking chart patterns, such as head and shoulder pattern, and utilising mathematical indicators, such as and Stochastics.

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Fundamental Analysis

By definition, fundamental analysis is the study of economic, social and political factors that affect the supply and demand of an underlying financial asset. Basically, while technical analysts seek to find out ‘when’ an asset’s price will move, fundamental analysts attempt to establish ‘why’ an asset’s price will move. A major method which fundamental analysts apply in the market is tracking the for major economic events and news releases that may have an impact on the prices of their favorite assets.

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Sentimental Analysis

The prevailing price action of any particular underlying financial asset reflects the overall opinion of all market participants. The combined ‘feel’ or ‘mood’ of the market is what is referred to as market sentiment. Essentially, sentiment signifies the combined attitude of market participants towards risk. When the sentiment is bullish, the price of the underlying asset will tend to go up; whereas a bearish sentiment will drive prices lower. A major sentimental analysis tool in financial markets is the COT (Commitment of Traders) report released every week by the U.S. CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission).

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